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How Property Managers Can Prevent Potential Slip and Fall Accidents

Monday, February 04, 2013

There is more involved in preventing a slip and fall accident than just placing the proper signage at a slippery entrance.  Property managers should always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  It is helpful to create a guideline that lists prevention measures as well as how employees should respond in case someone does get injured. 

Here are a few ways to reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents…

  • Make sure your outdoor areas are well maintained – Many slips and falls occur on sidewalks and in parking lots where snow, ice, cracks and potholes create potential problems.  Pay attention to upcoming weather forecasts and be sure to remove snow and ice quickly. If necessary, subcontract snow and ice removal to make sure it’s handled promptly.
  • Maintain floors and walkways on a consistent basis
  • Tend to problems immediately – Block off the area, put up warning signs and quickly eliminate the hazard to avoid any potential slip and fall accidents.
  • Conduct weekly safety surveys of the property –inspect the property for common causes of slip and falls such as wet or greasy floors, loose mats, torn carpeting, bad lighting, clutter, cables or wires, and uneven floors.
  • Document Everything – Keep records of your safety inspections, maintenance work and how any previous slip and fall accidents were dealt with.
  • Provide training for employees in slip and fall safety – establish guidelines on how to report problems and respond to injuries or hazardous situations.

It is important to review your coverages as some property managers are not sufficiently protected against disastrous claims.  Property Managers could be held liable for a slip & fall claim that exhausts their current insurance limits.  This is where an Umbrella or Excess Liability  policy comes into play.  Contact your Bryant Asset Commercial Account Manager for information on these policies at 439-1141.