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NEW NYS LAW: Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Now Required in New York State

For years, fewer than a handful of states in the US have required sexual harassment training. Connecticut and California were the leaders, however in light of the #MeToo movement many states are passing legislation mandating harassment training. On August 24, the New York State Department of Labor released their promised model guidance for mandatory sexual harassment training. NY employers must have updated sexual harassment policies in place by October 9 of 2018, and must have all employees complete mandatory sexual harassment training by January 1, 2019.

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Bryant Asset Protection’s Mobile App!

Insurance just got a little bit easier...and fun! Use this app to manage your policies, make payments, check your billing, or submit a claim with photos. Navigate "Tools" to find the nearest repair shop or hospital. Use "Find My Car' to ping your vehicle while shopping.

Download the app today. Click here to see more information. 

How Property Managers Can Prevent Potential Slip and Fall Accidents

There is more involved in preventing a slip and fall accident than just placing the proper signage at a slippery entrance.  Property managers should always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  It is helpful to create a guideline that lists prevention measures as well as how employees should respond in case someone does get injured. 

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Fires, Floods and Tornadoes - Is Your Organization Prepared for a Disaster? conducted a study that examines how prepared employers are for any type of emergency or disaster in the workplace. How quickly and efficiently an employer can respond to emergencies can mean the difference between incurring a small loss and having to close a business.

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What Is Pollution Insurance?

Many companies produce pollution in the course of their business. When those materials pollute another property, that is considered damage. Standard general liability policies excluded pollution from coverage in the 1980's. Those liabilities are now covered under pollution insurance policies.  Common for many businesses that don't seem related to creating pollution, policies are written for such diverse concerns as apartment complexes, prisons and pig farms.

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