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Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental Plans are another popular employee benefit option. Plans provide, generally, a fixed annual maximum payout for services in a calendar year with options selected are $1,000 or $2,000 annually.

Covered dental services are broken down into three categories and percentages vary with different plans/costs. For example:

•    preventative in which usually most plans provide 100% coverage sometimes after a small deductible,
•    basic services which include x-rays fillings, generally paid at 80% with the employee paying 20% of the service charged and
•    major services which include root canals, crowns etc. in which the insurance company pays 50% and the employee pays the balance.  

Some companies provide some interesting additional benefits to this plan, including incentive coinsurance which encourages employees to use the doctor once a year for preventative services in which case the coinsurance levels increase each year so that after a three-year, the insurance company is paying 100% of basic services. There are also exclusive bundling options which include vision benefits as well as dental benefits!

The present health and dental coverage landscape is a very complex set of decisions. Please consult Bryant Asset Protection's coverage specialist to make your decisions about these critical benefits.

If your group is interested in Group Dental Insurance, please email us or call us 518-439-1141 x114.