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For over 60 years, Bryant Asset Protection has served the Capital District representing A-rated insurance companies for Home, Car, Life, Commercial and other insurances. Bryant Asset Protection also offers access to financial services and products through the professionals of Bryant Asset Management.
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Free Home Inventory Tool

​Imagine how you would feel if you came home from an evening out to find that you had had visitors. Not friendly visitors, but visitors who entered your home in the dark of night to rob you. They ransacked your home and took away things of value - gold jewelry, electronics, valuable antique coins and even your son’s new snowboard.

​Yes, your home is insured, but how do you establish the value of what you have lost so that your company can make the proper payment to you? Most of us don’t save sales receipts forever. You can’t blame your

insurance company if they must pay out less than a missing item is worth if they can’t establish its value.


One way of keeping the things you worked so hard to earn safe is by starting and maintaining a home inventory. You may have heard of companies that do this - for $300 and up. Now you can do it yourself

with a free home program from the Insurance Information Institute called Know Your Stuff.


While we have not used the Know Your Stuff program yet, it comes recommended by Safeco Insurance and appears to be comprehensive and complete. The program would offer the homeowner an inexpensive way of organizing belongings and help establish both ownership and value in the event of a loss.

Follow this link to investigate further.