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For over 60 years, Bryant Asset Protection has served the Capital District representing A-rated insurance companies for Home, Car, Life, Commercial and other insurances. Bryant Asset Protection also offers access to financial services and products through the professionals of Bryant Asset Management.
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Service, Service, Service

Every insurance company that advertises on television, radio and the internet does so on the basis of saving you money on insurance.  Logically, every company can’t possibly fulfill their promise of saving money for every prospective client.  It just can’t happen, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from making the claim.

What makes us different? We are an independent insurance agency...what does that mean to you? We work for you, we shop for you, we will give you quality over quantity and provide professional, accurate, great customer service to you. 

Bryant Asset Protection has thought about what great service is and how to deliver it every day.  Our Account Managers take pride in their work and know that their work is making sure that you have the coverage that you need at the best possible price.  They know that the real work begins after you have purchased your policy.

Your circumstances change and these days, they can change quickly.  As your life changes, your insurance needs will change too.   Bryant Asset Protection keeps up with you and makes sure your coverage changes when it needs to.

We think great service continues through the life of your policies.

  • If you have a claim, we take an active role in making sure that you speak to the right person THE FIRST TIME and we follow up with you until you’re satisfied;
  • Billing problem? We’ll make sure that your treated fairly and that your concerns are heard and acted upon, if possible;
  • If you have too much coverage (and many do), we’ll help you find the right level;
  • If you have gaps in your coverage, we will make suggestions as to what you may need;
  • Kids learning to drive?  We specialize in information for parents in that stressful position;
  • We communicate with you via newsletters, our mobile app, our highly-acclaimed website, social media sites (FacebookLinkedInTwitter)
  • We spend every day ready to act quickly on any question or concern you raise.

That’s what service means at Bryant Asset Protection.  Saving money IS important, but when you need it, great service is priceless.