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Travel Insurance


Travel insurance is a means of protecting your property and your health when away from home for pleasure or business.

Because your current medical or homeowners insurance may not cover your health-related incidents or belongings when traveling abroad - either by air or by ship - travel insurance can provide additional protection from loss, theft, medical emergencies or natural disasters that interrupt or cancel your trip. Travel insurance can be purchased for a single trip or on an annual or multi-trip basis for more frequent travelers. Travelers can also insure on an individual or family group basis.




Before planning travel abroad, Bryant Asset Protection recommends that you consult with your agent or insurer to determine precisely what is covered by your present health or homeowner policies when you are traveling. Some homeowner and health insurance policies do cover certain risks when abroad; others do not. Travelers would be wise to avoid duplicating protections they already have, but you must determine in advance what circumstances are covered and to what extent and plan accordingly.

While an illness or injury abroad would almost certainly devastate a pleasure or business trip, travel insurance that covers medical costs is strongly advised to ensure that illness or injury (even emergency dental care) do not compound the situation with a large financial burden in an unfamiliar culture.


What Can Be Covered


The protections offered by travel insurance plans essentially fall into two categories. First - medical insurance covering illness or injury while traveling and Second - Travel protection that provides assistance on such circumstances as travel cancellations or interruptions due to natural disasters, strikes or your health, baggage issues and theft/loss of possessions. Generally, the range of such protections varies from carrier to carrier. Cost depends on the specific coverages taken, deductibles chosen destination and length of stay. Such high risk activities such as rock-climbing, scuba and skydiving and running with the bulls in Spain would not be covered in a standard travel policy, but can be secured with specific high risk coverage at additional cost.


How To Get Started


When you are planning your trip and have determined what types of risks are covered by your present policies - consult with your Bryant Asset Protection customer service representatives. They will help you make a list of those risks against which you should be protected in your upcoming trip. As a matter of convenience to potential travelers, we provide a link to InsureMyTrip, that will allow you to seek cost and coverage quotes for your travel insurance. Bon Voyage!